Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ)

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) is Queensland’s engineering regulator. BPEQ has administered the Professional Engineers Act (PE Act) and the Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) system since 1930.

The objectives of the PE Act are to:

  • protect the public by ensuring professional
    engineering services are provided by a RPEQ in a professional and competent way;• maintain public confidence in the standard of services provided by RPEQs;and 
  • uphold the standards of practice of RPEQs.
    To carry out a professional engineering service in Queensland or for Queensland, engineers are required to be registered with BPEQ. The only exceptions are if an unregistered person carries out the professional engineering service under the direct supervision of a RPEQ or the service is carried out only in accordance with a prescriptive standard. Once an engineer is registered they are awarded the protected title RPEQ.

BPEQ currently registers over 16,000 engineers from Queensland, interstate and overseas. RPEQs are registered in an area of engineering corresponding to their qualification and competency.

BPEQ is also charged with investigating and prosecuting unsatisfactory professional conduct and breaches of the PE Act.

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