MX3 Diagnostics

Dehydration results in impaired concentration, decreased work capacity and increased risk of heat illness.  Detrimental physical and cognitive effects begin to manifest at as little as 1-2% body mass loss. MX3 empowers organisations to monitor hydration status of an entire workforce anytime, anywhere.

The MX3 Hydration Testing System is the world’s first electrochemical saliva analysis system that provides laboratory-grade, actionable information in the palm of your hand. Key to the system is the world’s first electrochemical test strip for salivary osmolarity (SOSM) testing. SOSM has been proven to be a sensitive and reliable marker of hydration status. Measurements with the MX3 Hydration test strip can reliably characterise hydration status in seconds - helping workers prepare, perform and recover when working in extreme conditions.

The MX3 LAB, MX3 Hydration Test Strips and MX3 App work together to provide a seamless, on-the-go hydration assessment solution. Detailed reports are available on the MX3 App and MX3 Web Portal, allowing organisations to have unparalleled access to their hydration assessment data.

Say goodbye to inaccurate, unpleasant and inconvenient hydration testing. Order your MX3 Hydration Testing System NOW!

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