Nomad Atomics

At Nomad Atomics we build state-of-the-art miniaturised quantum sensors specifically designed and hardened for deployment in field applications. We specialise in a suite of quantum sensors, from magnetometers to gravimeters to clocks. We believe these sensors should no longer be confined to a laboratory, belonging out in the world where their value can be realised.

The world is a complex place. To ensure new capabilities in the future, we must develop new technologies. The frontiers of physics research have always led to technological transformations. We believe that quantum technologies are that next big leap, allowing us to understand, explore, and interact with the world like never before. At Nomad Atomics we want to lead this revolution.

Our sensors provide a step change in data acquisition and performance of hardened field ready systems for deployment in resource monitoring, resource exploration, climate science, underground infrastructure exploration, and inertial navigation.

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